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Training Schedule for September Onwards

Academy Registration- Monday 9th September

Academy Training- Monday 16th September


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Latest Results

Date Burton HC Opposition
14-09-2019 Ladies 1st XI 3 v 2 Leicester
14-09-2019 Ladies 2nd XI 6 v 0 Lichfield 3
14-09-2019 Ladies 4th XI 1 v 4 Lichfield 4
14-09-2019 Mens 3rd XI 7 v 0 Hampton in Arden
14-09-2019 Mens 4th XI - v - Belper

Upcoming Fixtures

Date Burton HC Opposition Fixture
21-09-2019 Ladies 2nd XI BUXTON LADIES 1ST XI (H)
21-09-2019 Ladies 3rd XI MATLOCK BAILEANS LADIES 2S (A)
28-09-2019 Ladies 2nd XI BELPER LADIES 3S (A)
28-09-2019 Ladies 3rd XI ASHBOURNE LADIES 2S (H)
05-10-2019 Ladies 2nd XI BURTON LADIES 3S (H)
05-10-2019 Ladies 3rd XI BURTON LADIES 2S (A)
05-10-2019 Mens 1st XI KHALSA LEAMINGTON 2 (H)
05-10-2019 Mens 2nd XI NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNI 1 (A)
05-10-2019 Mens 3rd XI MANSFIELD 2 (H)
05-10-2019 Mens 4th XI BARTON 3 (A)
05-10-2019 Mens 5th XI MELTON 3 (H)
12-10-2019 Ladies 2nd XI DERBY LADIES' 3S (A)
12-10-2019 Ladies 3rd XI MATLOCK BAILEANS LADIES 3S (H)
12-10-2019 Mens 1st XI RUGBY & EAST WARWICKSHIRE 2 (A)
12-10-2019 Mens 2nd XI NORTH NOTTS 1 (H)
12-10-2019 Mens 3rd XI BELPER 4 (A)
12-10-2019 Mens 4th XI BOOTS 5 (H)
12-10-2019 Mens 5th XI LEICESTER CITY 2 (A)