A Happy  Christmas to all our Members, Vice Presidents and Sponsors.

Astro initialisation THE ELLIS005As we pause for a  two week Christmas Break………time to reflect upon the great achievement of our move on to  “ The  Ellis  Astro “……Our very own Pitch,  fully kitted out with Admin Office, Dug –outs ,multi-pitch training facilities  and   Spectator  Area.

“The Ellis “ was completed on a twelve week schedule and delivered on time for our Home  fixtures commencing on November  14th……we have now enjoyed five weeks of fixtures with four Home Matches being played back to back on most Saturdays, Cup Matches on Sundays,full Academy Sessions on Monday evenings together with full  Training for Men and Ladies on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Tremendous Utilisation of our new facility and a credit to our committee organisation of operations led by Club Captain, Steve Goodfellow.

Meanwhile the key figures who have put in such hard work on our Astro Appeals and  Grant Applications together with dealing so patiently with  all the necessary “Legals “ and paper-work trails  required to enable the acquisition  of “ The Ellis ,,,,,,,“ can take a brief break !

  Our thanks go out in particular to Ian Brown,Steve Morrison, Rocky Whetton, Glyn Holland, Ian Morgan, Duncan Austin, Joey Ascott and  Graham Lamb for their dedication over 5 years to making it all happen !

The first half of the Season has seen mixed results from our “Teams” with the “ Ladies” perhaps shading it over the  “ Men”. The  Academy  continues to flourish with keen support….many thanks to Academy Director Zoe Ridley,Kevin Heath and their coaches.

Go to :  www.burtonhockeyclub.org.uk  for full results and info...The SENIORS and Gallery

TABS  have been refreshed together with frequent updates on our Home Page……well done The Webmaster !

SANTA  CLAUS  has visited  “The Ellis “ to  bring Xmas Cheer  to the Academy (see pic)!

I wish all Members and Supporters of The Red & Greens a very Happy Christmas and  a 

“Great New Year” for 2016 as we move forward with the “Development “ of Burton Hockey Club.

Many thanks again, go out to our Vice Presidents, Patrons and  Sponsors for their generous support , without which “The Ellis” would not have happened……..we always said

“Not if….”  but  “When….. “   !


All best wishes,        Willie Welch,  President.




April  16 th / 17 th  2016  Saturday and Sunday

CELEBRATION  WEEK-END  and  OFFICIAL   OPENING   of  “The Ellis Astro “.

A TWO   DAY   “ EllisFest  of Hockey”  on the new Burton Hockey Club Astro……

(details to follow )

Together with “ The Awards Night Dinner “  at   the Branston Country Club, Pavilion

On  the Saturday  Night,  April 16 th……….