For those of you who may have missed the missed some outstanding hockey -

Big news is that England beat Germany! not just once but twice in two days - bronze medals for both the women and the men. Some very unhappy looking Germans, and quite a few female tears, at the final whistle.

After an unconvincing start in the pool games, England men improved dramatically in the semis and final - actually dominated Holland for half a game before giving a couple of soft goals through unforced errors, and in the final came back impressively from a goal down to win 4-2. Some great goals.

The women played excellently and were unlucky to lose to Holland 0-1 in the semis. Then outplayed the Germans in the final, having lost to them in the pool.

Have to say that there's little obvious relation between the hockey played by these guys and the game we played in days of yore...

Highlights/goals should be available here -


Cheers,  Willie.