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    Congratulations to our promoted Ladies 1st Team

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A big thank you to all of our Life Members, VP's and Patrons for their kind donations and support. Your continued support enables our Club to continue the considerable progress made over recent years and to accept the Challenge of the 'Ellis Dream ' to achieve our own Clubhouse and Astroturf facilities.


W A Welch

Life Members Vice Presidents Patrons
 W A Welch
P G E Bradfield 
W C Arnold
C M Brooker
I Whetton
I Brown
G Holland
S Morrison
S Abel
G Adams
R J Anderson
E W Appleby
M J Bourne
G H Berry
P Brain
C Charlesworth
A Collier
M Collier
J Cornish
A J Fell
C Gough
P Dawson
S Elson
P Guest
B Hunt
G M Hamilton
A J Heughan
M Hurdle
R James
D Austin
Niall Bradfield
R Kerry
G H Lamb
R Lathbury
A Lawrie
J Maunder
R I Morgan
S Morrison
J Orme
P G Owen
E I Rogers
D Robbins
R A Russian
M J Scott
M P Stakes
K Stanyon
K A Stanyon
A Stringer
C Tyler
M Williamson
G T Windle
D Woolley
Ian Harrison
Adrian Argyle
Chris Elliott
Tony Fitzpatrick
Gordon Forrester
John Litchfield
John Mills
Keith Olner
J M Peach
Chris Rainsford
Steve Topliss
Iain Wallace
P M Welch
Dains LLPSue Ellis
Sebastian's Memorial School
Henry Timms
David Tidy
Nick Wilford