• Mens 1st XI
    Mens 1st XI
  • Ladies 1st XI
    Ladies 1st XI

    Congratulations to our promoted Ladies 1st Team

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Academy Registration- Monday 9th September

Academy Training- Monday 16th September



Mixed (Men's 1-3s, Ladies 1s and 2s) Monday 2nd September 7.30-9.00 (Times subject to change when academy starts)

Boys and Girls U14s to U18s- Tuesday 10th September 6.30-8.00

Men's Club- Tuesday 3rd September 8.00-9.30

Ladies 3s and 4s- Wednesday 4th September 6.30-8.00

Ladies 1s and 2s- Wednesday 4th September 8.00-9.30

Men's 3s- Thursday 5th September 6.30-8.00

Men's 1s and 2s- Thursday 5th September 8.00-9.30


If you are unsure which session to attend please do ask, and any further questions again please do ask.