The season is well underway and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to our Christmas break, unfortunately some of you starting a bit early due to indoor matches or starting the season in a 10 team League. A reminder to those teams where a higher club team has no game then they MUST submit team sheets if their lower team(s) play.

We have a couple of clubs dropping teams after the start of the season, hopeful the remainder of the season will not see any more casualties.

We hope you have found the recording of Venue/Start Times of benefit this season and haven’t had any problems.

At our latest League Committee Meeting we performed our review of recorded red/yellow cards as at week 7 and letters have been issued to those clubs that have either had a warning or a point deduction. Below is a summary of cards issued to date compared to last year. As you’ll see, after a drop last year, there has been an overall increase in yellow cards.

  Games Reds Yellows
1st 2016-2017 530 7 242
  2015-2016 556 1 184
2nd 2016-2017 464 0 60
  2015-2016 502 4 56
3rd 2016-2017 460 1 31
  2015-2016 476 2 35
Central 2016-2017 754 0 47
2015-2016 756 1 22
Totals 2016-2017 2208 8 380
  2015-2016 2290 8 297



About discipline, I have been asked by our Regional Disciplinary Administrator to pass on the following comments. Please communicate to all club umpires/players.

MRHA Discipline:

Attention is drawn to all umpires and all players that Dissent is not a minor offence.  If a player receives a yellow card for “Dissent” then returns to the match and “dissents” again then this must be a red card and reported as a Red card category A. Players must accept responsibility for verbal actions that should be under their control and should expect to receive at least the minimum mandatory 16-day suspension as the correct penalty.

Clubs are reminded of their obligation to follow the EH code of ethics and behavior about use and abuse of social media. Some clubs have already received penalties this season for violations of the code. To avoid these incidents and any other potential disrepute to hockey clubs are advised to ensure they have internal mechanisms to inform their members of any club specific and the universally applied England Hockey code of Ethics and Behavior.

Can I also remind you about the need to inform umpires directly about venue/start times. Do not expect them to visit the League website for these details.

Umpire Associations:

Attention is drawn to all clubs that Fines have been issued by Umpire Associations to clubs not complying with Rule 16.3. Confirming match details to appointed umpires at least 6 days before the fixture. Associations do not like to issue fines and it would be preferable that clubs comply.

Can I ask that during the season you think about taking a few more photos during the season so we can have a few more in the Handbook next year.

Finally, I’d like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and some decent weather to keep with us all the way to the end of the season.